Steps In A Successful Campaign - Business Applications And Uses

Steps In A Successful Campaign - Business Applications And Uses

DoDo What The Big Boys Do

1 The Proxee is one piece of a successful marketing puzzle

  • The Rule of Seven says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.
  • Use them in conjunction with print, radio, tv, internet, signage and any other type of advertising

2 Strategically place the Proxee device

  • Place the device in your business on a wall or the ceiling
  • Avoid water near the device, the signal will not travel thru
  • Favor areas where people linger and lounge and check their notifications

3 Test the ad, test the offer

  • Make changes to make it more effective
  • Use the statistics in the back office to guide you in making improvements

5 Go Mobile on foot

  • Display your brand and messageing
  • T-Shirts, uniforms and signage promoting the program is of value
  • Pass out a coupon in public places, at events, in crowded places

6 Go Mobile via car

  • Effective on the go
  • Effective when parked

7 Put up signage promoting the program

  • Check your notifications for special savings/offers
  • Scan to download app for savings on your purchases from area merchants as well
  • Turn on your Bluetooth, Turn on your Location and check your notifications

8 Point of Sale

  • A Proxee can be built into any point of sale stand which makes the point of sale stand interactive and more interesting to the public

9 Bus Shelters

  • As you can see below, Jcdecaux, one of the worlds largest outdoor media companies has deployed a device into a bus shelter creating a very unique interactive experience. Companies like Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile ran interactive Bus Shelter Campaigns where the device was visible through the poster and customers engaged to receive the message.

10 Interactive Posters

  • See below how Mars used a device to create a unique interactive poster campaign on a busy street.